Robert McNeill

Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards

Rob McNeill started his musical life on the saxophone, but was always a singer at heart. He picked up the guitar in middle school and learned along with the best riffs of The Cure and U2, being a better guitar player in order to be a better frontman. Rob joined the Utah synthpop band Voice of Reason in the mid-90s and enjoyed playing along with the other national acts at Synthstock '96.

Rob is one of the founding members of Hot Reagan and counts The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Mission UK, Devo, and Simple minds as his chief influences.


Mike Johnson


Mike Johnson grew up in the pastel and neon glow of the 80's in a musical household, and was fascinated by pop and new wave music at an early age. He started orchestral education at the age of ten, progressing through band and choral programs. During high school he developed an itch for guitar and rock music, and spent some time in military service in Europe, attending concerts and seeking mentors. He seeks out ambient guitar, studying David Gilmour, Robert Smith, and The Edge. He has played with various iterations of local new wave bands, and really, REALLY wishes KJQ was still on the air.

In his spare time he really likes riding his quad and shooting stuff.


Ken Hall


Ken is a really neat guy. He is really good with keyboards and stuff. He deserves a better bio than this one.